Introducing FLOW

A new collection designed to honor your mind, body and planet. Made with pure silver, botanically-dyed organic cotton and 100% post-consumer recycled materials.  


ARJUNA.AG is a protective fashion company. 

We make clothing and accessories that guard against 21st century lifestyle and environmental challenges. 

Coated with pure silver ions, our clothing creates a barrier against everyday urban stressors — such as electromagnetic radiation, thermal imbalances and germs — while enhancing immunity, clarity and ease.  A synthesis of design, spirituality and technology, we take a holistic approach that considers mental and physical wellbeing, environmental respect, and lifestyle balance. 

Our mission is to create sacred space for the mind, body and planet. 



Arjuna means 'white, bright or silver,' in Sanskrit. It is also the name of the main warrior prince in the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient spiritual text that teaches the path of sacred action

AG is the chemical symbol for silver. 


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