ARJUNA.AG is a luxury protective fashion company. We combine health— and environmentally—conscious textiles with clean, minimal design to create clothing and accessories that protect human and planetary wellbeing . The primary ingredient we use is silver.


21st century urban environments pose numerous challenges to the human health and wellbeing. From air-, noise-, light- and electro-pollution to general “toxic overload,” our mind, body and senses are under constant assault. This physical stress is compounded by what scientists call “information overload," which triggers a stress response and further weakens our immunity.

In particular, the rise of modern-day digital technology — while providing many benefits — has potentially harmful consequences for our health and wellbeing. Numerous scientists have found that electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and everyday WiFi impacts nearly every bodily system studied so far, including the neurological, endocrine, reproductive and cardiovascular system; what’s more, many of us experience daily symptoms of "electro-sensitivity," including headaches, fatigue, anxiety, and disturbed sleep patterns. In addition to these physiological effects, new digital technologies threaten our capacity to focus and connect deeply, when not used intentionally. As a result of these impacts, the WHO has advised that individuals adopt the precautionary principle, while an emerging group of scientists, innovators, and citizens are demanding more awareness and action. 

ARJUNA.AG is heralding a new category of protective fashion for the mind, body and planet — clothing that protects and supports human health and the environment. 



Positively charged silver ions create a conductive field that blocks electromagnetic radiation, eliminating up to 99.9% of harmful disturbances from cellphones and other household electronics. Silver also kills germs and bacteria, reduces inflammation, improves circulation, regulates temperature, and soothes skin sensitivities. 

ARJUNA.AG is the first fashion company to harness the full aesthetic, symbolic and functional powers of silver. We use a densely coated 18% -by-weight pure silver fabric, previously reserved for military, medical and industrial contexts. It is at once highly soft, light, beautiful and protective. 


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OUR mission is to create sacred space for the body, MIND and planet. 

We are passionate about supporting the creation of sacred space in our everyday lives — times set apart from the noise and stress of modern living, such as sleep, meditation or study —  where our mind and body can regain clarity, focus and harmony. 

In addition to creating sacred space for the mind and body, we aim to protect the sacred space of the planet. We work with artisanal and specialty mills to source organic or recycled fibers that use low-impact or natural dying and finishing processes, and reduce harm to our bodies and the environment. 

All garments are produced locally in New York. 

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ARJUNA.AG was founded by Mikaela Bradbury and, her mother, Lente-Louise Louw.

After serving as a renowned social activist in South Africa, Lente fought a 15 year battle against a stage-4 ovarian cancer. Mikaela was intimately privy to her mother’s cancer journey and developed a deep understanding and passion for health and healing. In particular, she developed an appreciation for the balance of Western/modern and Eastern/traditional approaches to medicine... the importance of beauty and ritual... and the impact of our everyday choices and environment on wellbeing. 

In 2012, Mikaela's mother discovered a unique silver fabric that sparked the idea for protective clothing; after using silver to help treat her radiation burns, she was familiar with silver's unique healing ability and had the idea to create protective products for travel. Mikaela — inspired by her own experiences living in and between big cities, and her passion for health and ecology — took on the idea and started the company.  

Prior to ARJUNA.AG, Mikaela was an artist, yoga teacher and brand strategist in New York. She was born in South Africa, lives in New York, and graduated phi beta kappa from Columbia University with a degree in anthropology. In addition to ARJUNA.AG, Mikaela teaches meditation and yoga, co-founded The BE Society, a weekly meditation group, and serves on the Board of the New York Open Center.

ARJUNA.AG is supported by Tungsten Partners and Next Biosciences.