21st century urban environments pose numerous challenges to the human health and wellbeing. From air-, noise-, light- and electro-pollution to general “toxic overload,” our mind, body and senses are under constant assault. This physical stress is compounded by what scientists call “information overload," which triggers a stress response and further weakens our immunity.

In particular, the rise of modern-day digital technology — while providing many benefits — has potentially harmful consequences for our health and wellbeing. Numerous scientists have found that electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and everyday WiFi impacts nearly every bodily system studied so far, including the neurological, endocrine, reproductive and cardiovascular system; what’s more, many of us experience daily symptoms of "electro-sensitivity," including headaches, fatigue, anxiety, and disturbed sleep patterns. In addition to these physiological effects, new digital technologies threaten our capacity to focus and connect deeply, when not used intentionally. As a result of these impacts, the WHO has advised that individuals adopt the precautionary principle, while an emerging group of scientists, innovators, and citizens are demanding more awareness and action. 

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