Customer Testimonials:


“The gloves and headscarves are just the best thing ever. A must have for any girl, or man for that matter who spends time on planes, lives on the edge and hangs out in cities! Staple in my handbag! ”

Sarah Collins, Founder of Wonderbag, One of 2013 Forbes Most Powerful Female Entrepreneurs

“I absolutely love the headband - it's gone with me everywhere and I've slept every night since with it on.”

Stephen Price, owner of SP&Co, holistic fitness instructor, former Cricket professional and champion

"Putting [The Monkey Mind Band] on gave me an immediate feeling of escape. I'll use it for flights and long train journeys."

Ellie Jauncey, Co-Founder of The Flower Appreciation Society, Telegraph UK


“Suffice it to say that I no longer take underwear for granted.  Arjuna’s magic boxers has not only supercharged my recovery time from exercise and bike accidents, but I have worn my Arjuna’s all over the place while traveling, working and generally going off the grid… The only thing I haven’t done yet is empty out the dresser drawer and replace the Calvin Klein’s with just 5 pairs of these. That’s all I would need.” 

Christopher Edwards, Documentary Filmmaker, food activist 


“On Monday I had my last chemotherapy and I am so happy to start my new life with your beautiful Travel Hoodie. It is perfect for the weather in Spring.. .it covers my head from sunshine and is warm and perfectly chilly and provides whatever I need.”

 Dr. Reni Berg , medical doctor specializing in the treatment of voice disorders, cancer survivor