ARJUNA.AG Case Study

An independent test by The Energy Medicine Research Institute was conducted to assess the ability of an ARJUNA.AG Body Slip to improve overall physiological effects, as measured by Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and bio-field analysis, using Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV). 

The GDV is registered by the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia as a medical device and allows for direct, real-time photos and videos of the entire energy field of a human. The information is extracted from bio-photon corona discharge patterns produced by high-voltage electro-photography.  It is analyzed by specially developed computer software that measures brightness, size, fractality and other parameters of the energy field.  It is a unique system, based on, but distinctive from that used in Kirlian photography.  The "Kirlian Effect" refers to the resulting image of a gas discharge, "fluorescence" or glow that appears around the edge of a subject after it is placed in a high-intensity electrical field. It can be used to estimate the energy state of a person and correlated to specific organ system functions.   

The bio-field of a healthy active person is dense, uniform and has smooth changes of color from the blue spectrum through the orange to the yellow.  Holes, gaps, heterogeneities and outbursts in the aura are indicators of disturbances in the energy field.  They point to disorders on mental, functional or organ levels, showing a direct link to the organ system indicated on the bio-field picture.

In addition to assessing general health, the GDV can measure chakra balance, the major energy centers throughout the body, which are connected to organs or glands that govern the body, and serve as the focal points for the reception and transmission of energies.  Seven major chakras are located within the subtle body and each center is connected to our being on several different levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

The results of this pilot study showed significant improvements in the human bio-field, organ system function and balancing of the chakras after wearing the ARJUNA.AG Body Slip for 4 hours.

 The biofield area increased 35.7% and the increase in symmetry was 10.2%.  The results for organ system function correlated with the biofield results.  Wearing the ARJUNA.AG Body Slip dramatically reversed the most negative organ system deficiencies and brought the values for the organ systems that had deficiencies back into the normal range. Results for the chakra balance were also impressive.  Wearing the ARJUNA.AG Body Slip brought the chakras that were furthest out of balance more in to balance and the first chakra was perfectly balanced.  It should be noted that the increases in the bio-field, improvements in organ system function and chakra balance increased over time and the last measurement was taken at 4 hours.  It is likely that further effects would be observed over a longer time period.   Click here for full report. 


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In our previous study, we demonstrated that Ag could induce rapid healing in a thermal injury animal model through their antimicrobial properties, capacity to decrease wound inflammation, and ability to modulate fibrogenic cytokines. Furthermore, we found that as the systemic level, the amounts of inflammatory markers were significantly decreased in animals treated with Ag. Taken together, these results suggest that Ag may be involved in altering or suppressing inflammatory events in the early phases.

General Reading

7. The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of LifeRobert O. Becker, M.D.

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 "As we have seen, our hearts and bodies are pulsatory systems that promulgate waves — waves that can affect other bodies and hearts… The organism is shown as a circle enclosing a pulsating energy core. Without a boundary, neither self nor consciousness would exist… The ego mediates this interaction in the interest of self-preservation or fulfillment."
“ In a healthy organism, there is a balance between containment and excitation; the individual feels free to express his impulses and feelings, yet has the self-possession to know how to do so appropriately and effectively. In such individuals, the mind and body are as intimately connected as the yin and yang in the “circle of the whole.” They are conscious of the self, not self-conscious. Every movement involves the whole person in a unified way.” 

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Our crystalline bone structure, in general, acts as an antenna for all incoming and internal body vibratory energy and information, including direct thought form energy. It resonates with a levels of nutrient energy, which it either receives directly (music, singing, and chanting) or indirectly, through the EMFs transferred from the chakras as they step down the incoming virtual energy that has entered the system through the seven subtle bodies.
The bones also vibrate in resonance with other vibratory sources like crystals, gems, mantras, chants and music. We have all heard the saying “you can feel it in your bones” this helps to explain the powerful effect of religious music like Gregorian chants and Yogic bhajans. As human crystalline systems we resonate in total unite, harmony and Love with the pulse of the cosmos."

10.  Zapped: Why Your Cell Phone Shouldn’t be Your Alarm Clock and 1,268 Ways to Outsmart the Hazards of Electronic PollutionAnn Louise Gittleman, PH.D.

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"Humans are literally walking conversations, cells chattering to one another and interacting with the natural world using electrical charges and chemicals to make the connection. But when you add artificial electromagnetic forces to the mix, we are starting to learn, these quiet conversations suddenly become cacophony, as though a flash mob has arrived, shouting and screaming and with boom boxes blaring so loudly you can't hear yourself think."

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