Lunar White Banded Top

Lunar White Banded Top

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The LUNAR WHITE Banded Top is the perfect companion for an active urban lifestyle. Organic milk protein soothes and cleans the skin, while pure silver "bands" shield sensitive areas from cellphone radiation, odor and germs when needed. 

Clean, modern and versatile, it can be dressed up or down for travel or your "work-to-yoga-to-dinner" routine. 

About the material:

Our signature pure silver fabric shields against electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and other electronics, as well as wards off germs, reduces inflammation and regulates thermal imbalances. Coated with a dense layer of positively-charged silver ions, the material is at once highly soft, light and protective.

Organic milk fiber is spun from casein, the main protein found in milk. The fiber releases negative ions, which is beneficial for blood circulation and air quality, in addition to possessing natural anti-bacterial properties. The fiber is combined with eco-viscose that is derived from sustainably-harvested tree pulp. All finishing procedures use natural products that uphold maximum respect for the environment, workers and wearer.

Manufactured in New York

Plain milk jersey : 35% Milk, 65% Visc. Eco

Silver jersey: 13% Pure Silver,  63% Nylon,  24% Spandex

Both materials are in compliance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100.  

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