Monkey Mind Band

Monkey Mind Band


Today’s urban environments expose us to many harsh and challenging elements. From air, noise, light and electro-pollution to new germs and bacteria to “information overload,” our minds and bodies are under constant assault.

The Monkey Mind Band is designed to serve as a barrier against everyday toxins and noise, and invites you to make space for restoration and rest.
Coated with a dense layer of pure silver ions, the Mask creates a conductive shield that reflects and neutralizes the damaging effects of artificial light and electro-pollution, in addition to eliminating infectious germ. The Monkey Mind Band also enhances your skin’s tone and clarity, by reducing inflammation around the eyes and eliminating blemish-forming bacteria.

About the material: 

Our signature pure silver fabric shields against electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and other electronics, as well as wards off germs, reduces inflammation and regulates thermal imbalances. Made with a dense layer of positively-charged silver ions, the material is at once highly soft, light and protective.

Manufactured in New York

Silver jersey: 13% Pure Silver,  63% Nylon,  24% Spandex

In compliance with OEKO-TEX Standard 100.  

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