Silver Privacy Pouch

Silver Privacy Pouch


The Privacy Pouch protects your privacy and focus during work, sleep, travel or meditation. It blocks all cell phone signal, radiation and RFID theft, enhancing peace of mind and connection at home or out in the world. 

The pouch is made with two layers of conductive silver nylon, then sealed with conductive silver thread and velcro, to create a mini "Faraday Cage" for your valuables. (You literally will not receive a phone call). Ideal for travel within and between cities, enabling you to carve out moments of privacy and focus when needed. 

About the material:

Our signature pure silver fabric shields against electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and other electronics, as well as wards off germs, reduces inflammation and regulates thermal imbalances. 

Manufactured in New York

Silver-plated Nylon: 18% Silver ions, 82% Nylon

Both materials are in compliance with OEKO-TEX Standard 100

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