Computer Cuffs

Computer Cuffs


In Chinese medicine, the hands and wrists are key gateways to the brain and body. Each point corresponds to internal organs and is carefully stimulated to promote balance. A new field of “embodied cognition” also explores the role of hands in thought and feeling, as neural pathways between the eyes, hands and brain trigger problem-solving, creativity and expression.

As we spend more time on computers, these powerful yet sensitive instruments experience energetic and physical damage. They are both more restricted in movement, causing joint pain and inflammation, and subject to electrical fields, with impact on the energetic body.

Coated with pure silver ions, the Computer Cuffs protect your hands and wrists from these discomforts, to promote better work flow and balance. Our material shields against electrical and thermal fields, while promoting circulation and reducing wrist pain. The Cuffs also eliminate germs picked up at the office or on-the-go.

About the material:

Our signature pure silver fabric shields against electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and other electronics, as well as wards off germs, reduces inflammation and regulates thermal imbalances. Made with a dense layer of  positively charged silver ions, the material is at once highly soft, light and protective.

Manufactured in New York

Silver-plated Jersey: 18% Silver ions, 82% Nylon-Elastomer

This material is in compliance with OEKO-TEX Standard 100

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