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The human body constantly exchanges electromagnetic information and other types of energy-based signals both internally and with its environment. Within modern Western science, the role of energy flows within the body is established across biological systems, from the electrical communication of the nervous system to the rhythmic electric fields generated by the brain during sleep and other periods of neural activity. Between the body and our external environment, energy is exchanged in the form of light, sound, cosmic radiation, solar radiation, electromagnetic radiation, and other energy-based signals. 

For billions of years, the energies that life grew among were relatively simple: the earth produced a weak, stable electromagnetic field, modulated by micro-pulsations within it, and further sculpted by the solar and lunar cycles. Our body's own electromagnetic field evolved in relation to the earth's electromagnetic field, resonating at a frequency of approximately 7.8 HZ, known as Schumaan Resonance, after the German physics Professor W.O. Schumann. In fact, large amounts of the energy spectrum were totally silent. 

Today, the human species has changed its electromagnetic background more than any other aspect of its environment. With the rise of WiFi networks, high-voltage power lines, radio waves used for air and sea navigation, radio channels and military communications — we have introduced new man-made electromagnetic frequencies that drown out the earth's natural frequency and, in turn, our own electromagnetic communication. Leading scientists have found that this new man-made electromagnetic radiation impacts nearly every bodily function so far studied, including  the central nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine, and cellular metabolism and growth control systems. What's more, we receive many other increased inputs, such as artificial light and noise pollution, and information overload. The result is a generalized stress response in our cells and throughout our nervous system, what Dr. Andrew Weil calls, "toxic overload."

As these changes occur, new forms of adaptation are required to achieve harmony and balance.


Ancient disciplines, such as yoga, tai chi, reiki, acupuncture, aikido and shamanic healing, have long addressed the importance of the bio-energetic field, providing practices and tools for attaining inner integrity and balance. Within Western science, pioneers, such as Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen, M.D., led the way for an emerging field of body-based psychotherapy and bio-energetic healing. ARJUNA.AG builds upon concepts within both Eastern and Western disciplines — advocating for their newfound relevance and adding new tools to address new environmental concerns. 

The primary tool we employ is the unique metal, silver. The relevance of silver to bio-energetic systems and energy medicine specifically stems from the metal's uniquely high conductivity, i.e. the ability to conduct energy. When applied to fabric in its ionic form (Ag +), silver generates a conductive shield that reflects man-made electromagnetic radiation away from the body and re-enforces your natural energetic field.  The material we use has been verified to shield 99.9% of electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones, computers, WiFi and radio networks, within the ranges of 30-3000 MHz. Until now, it has only been used for niche medical, industrial and military purposes.

Since ancient times, silver has also been known to be effective against a broad range of microorganisms.  The significance of silver's anti-microbial abilities extends beyond the immediate benefit of protecting against germs to reducing the "bio-burden" on our overall physiological system, freeing up energy to address other forms of toxic overload. Silver also has the highest thermal conductivity of all metals, meaning it is able to distribute concentrations of heat and provide an overall stabilized temperature range during variable weather conditions. This regulating mechanism is particularly beneficial as we move between artificial environments and the outdoors.



Silver’s symbolic connection to the moon and feminine or yin modalities deeply influences the philosophy and culture of the brand. In Chinese philosophy, yin qualities include: slow, soft, dark, cool, still, internal, receiving, reflective. (Yang qualities include: fast, hard, bright, hot, active, external, forceful, expressive.) In our hyper-connective, fast-paced times, we believe that the integration of these qualities is essential for personal and planetary balance.