ARJUNA.AG was founded by Mikaela Bradbury and, her mother, Lente-Louise Louw.

After serving as a renowned social activist in South Africa, Lente fought a 15 year battle against a stage-4 ovarian cancer. Mikaela was intimately privy to her mother’s cancer journey and developed a deep understanding and passion for health and healing. In particular, she developed an appreciation for the balance of Western/modern and Eastern/traditional approaches to medicine... the importance of beauty and ritual... and the impact of our everyday choices and environment on wellbeing. 

In 2012, Mikaela's mother discovered a unique silver fabric that sparked the idea for protective clothing; after using silver to help treat her radiation burns, she was familiar with silver's unique healing ability and had the idea to create protective products for travel. Mikaela — inspired by her own experiences living in and between big cities, and her passion for health and ecology — took on the idea and started the company.  

Prior to ARJUNA.AG, Mikaela was an artist, yoga teacher and brand strategist in New York. She was born in South Africa, lives in New York, and graduated phi beta kappa from Columbia University with a degree in anthropology. In addition to ARJUNA.AG, Mikaela teaches meditation and yoga, co-founded The BE Society, a weekly meditation group, and serves on the Board of the New York Open Center.

ARJUNA.AG is supported by Tungsten Partners and Next Biosciences.