Protecting Planetary Health

Planetary Health is an emerging field that recognizes the interdependence of human and natural systems — and, thus, seeks to simultaneously balance and foster the health of humans, society and ecology.

For us, Planetary Health means uniting personal health, design and sustainability in what we do and make. We hope that healthier, happier, more balanced people will make for more caring and aware planetary citizens; and that a cleaner, more caring environment will make for healthier, happier, more balanced people…

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On Paying Attention

Across religions, you will find there is a day of rest. A day in which one is not permitted to work. In fact, religion itself seems to be the devising of various forms of separation— between the secular and the profane…. 

 You’ll find if you or your friends practice Shabbat, it is not just a literal no-work policy but extends to a general ‘mode of being’ that forgoes the get-ahead impulse— what Zen Buddhists might call “efforting” — for one that is more receptive, contemplative and restful...


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NEWS: Post It Forward Summit at Tumblr

Mikaela Bradbury, ARJUNA.AG founder, will be leading the intro meditation and a digital balance discussion group at Tumblr's Post It Forward Summit. The summit is an opportunity for members of the Tumblr community to interact with professionals and advocates in the mental health and awareness space. 

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The Power of Ritual, featured in MindBodyGreen

The metal of the moon, silver represents feminine principles of listening, receiving, silence, and space—which had become increasingly compelling to me in our fast-paced, growth-obsessed society. Historically, it is a metal used for containment and protection, communication and exchange, healing and transformation. Thus, the material and the products were not only intended to provide functional support for the body but, moreover, to invoke these principles and inspire a more intentional, reverent approach to our bodies and lives...

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5 Tips for Digital Wellbeing, featured on SereneSocial

At this point, many of us have come to realize that digital media and smartphones in particular, have adverse effects on our mental and even physical wellbeing. For all the pleasures and conveniences of non-stop access to social networks, email, newsfeeds, and entertainment, there are an array of potential side-effects and setbacks to our relationships (loss of intimacy), quality of work (loss of productivity and focus), personal wellbeing (anxiety and depression), and potentiallylong-term health (cancer).

As an anthropologist/yoga teacher/artist and now entrepreneur, I place great value on the rituals we uphold in our daily life, and the space we create for those rituals, as a source of strength and wellbeing. Particularly, I believe that in urban areas where you are exposed to a constant barrage of sensory noise and stimuli, one requires certain amount of structure and discipline to avoid the inevitable burnout or “toxic overload” that can happen. Over the years, this is the “digital diet” that I have developed…

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What is E-Sensitivity?

Ever feel a little light headed or nauseous after a day on the computer? Or headache-y after a phone call? Or just have a general sense of exhaustion day to day in your computer and WiFi ridden office?  Some of this could be general mental fatigue or physical stress; however, it may also be a result of the physiological effects of WiFi networks and electronics, what is now termed “electro-sensitivity.”

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