NEWS: Shop at Sky Ting Yoga Tribeca

We encourage everyone to go check out the incredible Sky Ting Tribeca and say hello to the lovely Chloe and Krissy who are taking the yoga world by a storm with their uber-chic, down-to-earth style. As Vogue reports, "The studio’s name reflects this unpretentious attitude: Though ting is Chinese for place, “we also like it because it sounds kind of Jamaican,” Jones explains. “We don’t really chant or ‘om’ or do much of that. We’re a little more accessible and teach to the present-day New Yorker who just needs to chill out and do some backbends from being on a computer all day.” 

You can touch and try one of select pieces from our LUNAR WHITE collection, also available online, and give you or your loved one a nourishing holiday treat. 

Chloe and Krissy wearing ARJUNA.AG Lunar White track pants and silver undies. 

NewsMikaela Bradbury