High Vibrational Living

Body Systems, by Rachel Garrard

Body Systems, by Rachel Garrard

ARJUNA.AG is ultimately interested in bringing attention to a wider spectrum of interconnected physical and so-called meta-physical realities. This includes the psyche, our physiology, and, most importantly, what we can broadly refer to as “energy,” or chi, ki, or prana in Eastern traditions.  In yogic physiology, prana is the life force that animates all things. This life-force alternates between two primary modes: upward and downward moving energy; or receiving and elimination. It is essential that this energy circuit is both active and in balance, so that our bodies are able to receive, process and release information.  

While this level of reality could be called meta-physical or “spiritual,” it is in fact a very measurable phenomenon that can be detected and altered in various ways. In Western science, these energy systems could be traced to (but I would say not fully reduced to) our electromagnetic field, a field of interacting electric and magnetic forces that are transmitted and received by our cells in order to coordinate the various functions of life.

As our landscapes and lifestyles have changed, we have become both more exposed and vulnerable to disruptions to our bio-energetic systems. We have become disconnected from the earth’s electromagnetic field, with which our own electromagnetic systems evolved; as a result, we no longer receive the Earth's natural charge that replenishes our bio-electrical system (see: Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, MD). Minerals, a primary conductor of energy in food, are also increasingly depleted, further weakening  our energetic circuits. (see: Robert O. Bleecker, MD, Gabriel Cousens, M.D.). 

What's more, we have introduced new man-made electromagnetic fields in the form of wireless technology, cellphones, satellites and more. These new fields create a cacophony of signals, disrupting and putting stress on nearly every biological system (see:  Devra David, PHD, MPH, Anne Louise Glitteman).

The goal is to not only protect against these new disruptive frequencies but also to strengthen and re-enforce our natural energetic field, through what I call "high vibrational living." "High vibrational living" includes everything from what we eat, think, say, sing and do, to clothing, materials and tools that are energetically-enhancing. The key is to remain pro-active and intentional in creating the stories, literally and metaphorically of our bodies and our lives.  

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