Dancing Hands

In Chinese medicine, the hands and wrists are considered key gateways to the brain and body. Each point corresponds to internal organs and is carefully stimulated to promote balance. In yoga, mudras are used to stimulate prana in the body, along with breath and postures.  In Sanskrit, mudra means “seal, gesture or mark,” indicating that they close off, shape or inscribe certain energetic pathways. 

Within Western science, a new field of “embodied cognition” also recognizes the importance of hands in determining your internal states of being, as neural pathways between the eyes, hands and brain trigger a reflexive interplay of problem-solving, creativity and expression.

As we spend more time on computers, these powerful yet sensitive instruments can experience energetic, as well as physical, damage. Not only are they more restricted in movement, causing joint pain and inflammation, but they are subject to a constant stream of electrical fields, with subtle impact on the entire energetic body. 

It was with a deep appreciation for this precious part of the body, that the Arjuna.ag Hand Guards and Computer Cuffs were developed. At once protective armor and sacred vessel, the gloves protect and carry forth the creative energy, life force and intelligence that is latent in our hands, and is brought forth through every gesture and touch. They are both an adaptation to our times and a reminder to re-engage these powerful instruments in our daily life, to remain the drivers of our own journey. 

Artists: Yvonne Rainer, Merce Cunningham by Mark Seliger, mudras, “Dialog” By Rudolf Bonvie, Lygia Clark


WritingMikaela Bradbury