Song of the Self

I celebrate myself, and sing myself,

And what I assume you shall assume,

For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you...

— Walt Whitman

The human body constantly gives and receives signals both internally and with its environment. While some of our communication occurs consciously and visibly, most of it takes place in the form of invisible energetic inputs that are transformed into what we experience as our physical, emotional and mental states. 

Between the body and the environment — including the earth, sun and other planets — we take in the energy of light, sound, cosmic radiation, solar radiation, electromagnetic radiation, and other energy-based signals. Within the body, we interpret these energetic signals to inform our understanding of time and space and regulate our biological processes — from activating the nervous system, to triggering sleep cycles and brain waves, to generating the electrical currents of our metabolic and muscular activity. 

Together, the ebbs and flow of these inputs constitute what Whitman called, "the song of the self."

For billions of years, the energies that life grew among were relatively simple: the earth produced a weak, stable electromagnetic field, modulated by micro-pulsations within it, and further sculpted by the solar and lunar cycles. Thus, large amounts of the energy spectrum were totally silent, allowing for an attentive and harmonious communication between the human body and other living organisms, most of all the Earth itself. Our body's own electromagnetic field evolved in relation to the earth's electromagnetic field, resonating at a frequency of approximately 7.8 HZ, known as Schumaan Resonance, after the German physics Professor W.O. Schumann.

Today, the human species has changed its electromagnetic background more than any other aspect of its environment. With the rise of WiFi networks, high-voltage power lines, radio waves used for air and sea navigation, radio channels and military communications — we have introduced new man-made electromagnetic frequencies that drown out the earth's natural frequency and interfere with our own electromagnetic communication. Leading scientists have found that this new man-made electromagnetic radiation impacts nearly every bodily function so far studied, including  the central nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine, and cellular metabolism and growth control systems. 

What's more, we receive many other increased inputs, such as artifcial light and noise pollution, and information overload. The result is a generalized stress response in our cells and throughout our nervous system, as we enter, what Andrew Weil calls, "toxic overload." 

Ancient disciplines, such as yoga, tai chi, reiki, acupuncture, aikido and shamanic healing, have long addressed the importance of the bio-energetic field, and offered practices and tools for re-claiming our energetic harmony and balance. Within Western science, pioneers, such as Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen, M.D., have led the way for an emerging field of body-based psychotherapy and bio-energetic healing, that also facilities a process of energetic re-tuning.  

ARJUNA.AG builds upon concepts within both of these Eastern and Western disciplines — advocating for their newfound relevance and adding new tools to amplify their efficacy. The primary medium we have chosen is silver. 

Silver has been used throughout the ages and in more recent times as a material for protection, communication and healing. It possesses a rare combination of both functional and aesthetic value.

Its relevance to bio-energetic healing, and electromagnetic more broadly, arises from the metal's uniquely high conductivity, i.e. its ability to transmit energy. In fact, silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metal. When applied in its positively-charged form to a negatively charged substrate, silver ions generate a conductive field that reflects man-made electromagnetic radiation away from the body, much like a silver mirror reflects light. 

As silver shields external man-made radiation, it effectively amplifies your body's bio-electrical field, enhancing your own cellular communication, much like other forms of energy work aim to do. As a result, your overall bio-field is strengthened, leading to a range of improved physiological effects. 

As such, silver reclaims its historic legacy and not simply a metal of protection but, moreover, a metal for communication. 

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