Q & A: Sarah Collins, Founder of the Wonderbag

Interview with Sarah Collins, Founder of The Wonderbag, One of the 2013 Fortune Most Powerful Female Entrepreneurs, Arjuna Warrior

Who are you and what do you do? 

My name is Sarah Collins. I am an social entrepreneur who is searching for the keys to successful social models with financial returns to the entire breadth of the chain. I am about empowering people to empower their own lives by supporting innovation and seeking catalysts for lasting change— in Africa for now and hopefully will expand to other continents once we have the scaling models right...All whilst preserving the environment and supporting communities to respect the resources we have left. But they can only do this if they have alternatives to rely on. 

What are you fighting for? 

Economic empowerment of women, access to healthcare and clean cooking solutions, which all then enable people to own their power and become healthy happy contributing members of their communities…wholesome healthy happy communities. 

Arjuna’s mission is to create sacred space. The word "sacred" means secret or set apart, as in a sacred temple. We believe that this ‘setting apart’ is an essential ingredient to maintaining health and mental wellbeing. Do you have a ‘sacred space’ or time that you cherish each day or week (i.e. walking, meditating, eating, journaling, etc.)? Why or how is this important to you? 

I treasure my time in the morning watching the sunrise with a cup of coffee looking at the ocean or wherever I am, to think the first thoughts I wake up with.

I also treasure my time after 7 pm: I try not to see people in the evening as I need the space to metabolize my day, access and write what has happened and think. I also treasure walking, or running. It clears my mind, it helps to make me present. I also need friend time, proper close inner world discussions— to check in with what's really going on, and I am hugely grateful to have people I am able to do this with. I do journal but sporadically - and mediate when I remember but I find that I am learning to stop and just stare for a few minutes which balances me. Breathing is key to me.

What are some of the other ways in which you maintain strength and inspiration in your daily life ? 

I need to touch the earth,  spend time with the women of Africa, talk Zulu and feel my roots. Spending time with children rejuvenates and energizes me. I also love a successful deal and when the universe supports what I am doing. Being in Nature is probably one of the key ingredients to me staying healthy and happy. I need time alone and to feel the wind in my hair on horseback regularly. 

In general, how have ARJUNA.AG clothing or principles supported your daily life? 

Without the Founder of Arjuna I would not be who I am today. Full stop. She has supported my journey into the tough and harsh world of the USA, she has held my hand and shared her knowledge and wisdom, and for that I am infinitely grateful.

I sleep with a Monkey Mind Band every night and when I am stressed or have sore eyes I just put it on. Also my travel schedule is grueling and without the Monkey Mind Band, I would never have come out of these last two years alive. And that is not an exaggeration. Tt is a physical product that reminds me to be conscious about sleep, time out , hygiene on airplanes and eating properly …It is a real reminder.