Q & A: Kelly Morris, Meditation Teacher & Founder of The Infinity Call

Kelly Morris is a meditation teacher, awakening coach, writer, speaker and founder of The Infinity Call, as well as the Conquering Lion Yoga School. Kelly is known for her fiercely honest, loving and passionate teaching style, named by the New York Times and Yoga Journal as one of NYC's foremost teachers disrupting the industry.

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do. 

My name is Kelly Morris. I am a forest mystic, which is a way of saying Gaia speaks directly to me. Her greatest instruction, given to me several years ago, took some time to decipher and accomplish. She said, quite clearly and distinctly, "Bring my daughters home. Bring my daughters home. Its time." 

I responded to Gaia's call in two ways. The first was the birth of the Infinity Call, a global network of women hundreds strong who join me M-F for a live meditation broadcast through Periscope, a simple app found in iTunes. The Call is for women only and we now have subscribers in Brazil, Korea, England, Jamaica, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Canada and France as well as all over America. Happily,  we received immediate coverage in the WSJ, InStyle, Live The Process, The Coveteur, and One King's Lane as well as some celeb endorsements which helped in letting women know the Call existed. The growing sentiment among the women of the world that the patriarchy has been the undoing of the sacred helped as well. My vision is to have hundreds of thousands of women around the world convening in sacred sisterhood (in a culture that celebrates competition, no small feat), rising in love together, brokering no compromise to the values of the Divine Feminine: compassion, forgiveness, LOVE and interestingly, defiance. 

It takes a great wisdom, a wisdom gained from a direct relationship with Gaia, the Great Mother, to stand up for the values we know are needed now. It takes great heart to drop the temptations of blame, retribution and hatred in order to exemplify the love of the Divine Feminine. It takes strong sisterhood to know you are not alone, that your horror at the state of the world is appropriate and actionable and that others feel exactly as you do.

The second was to start taking in awakening women as clients and sharing with them firsthand all the truths, practices and historical chronicle that have been kept hidden for thousands of years that I have spent years gathering. Working one on one is where I am my best and the joy I feel upon seeing a woman grow into her true self, dropping the mirror and the scale, the cultural zeitgeist in favor of the reflection she finds of herself in the Universe is...the best.

As someone that has lived in the city and practiced yoga very intensively for a long time, how has your practice evolved? What type of yoga do you currently favor and why?

My yoga practice takes place primarily at home now. The train has left the station on the yoga score...its anyone's guess what 'yoga' is these days. I got a bit fatigued attending classes that depend upon a great playlist, a good PR company and pretty teachers to fill the room. Most teachers I know don't even meditate! At 50, it may also be that I am just becoming one of those annoying old people who talk about the good ole days, boring everyone within earshot. 

I know you also have a new project called The Infinity Call. Can you tell us a little bit about it? 

The Infinity Call is a living testimony to radical presence. You're not listening to a voice recorded some time in the past in a recording studio with multiple people around while you try to sound spiritual and calm. The Call is LIVE. And happily, women are hungry for just that: in an age of pre-packaged.....everything, the Call provides an antidote. The women on the Call tell me there is a profound difference between an app with various canned 10 minute 'meditations' that say the exact same thing everyday and the Infinity Call. 

Do you find the presence of the phone challenging during your practice? 

Happily, the delivery method of the Infinity Call is perfect. Here's why: no one ought be 'looking' at a screen or a person or worrying about how they look when meditating. The Periscope app allows me to lead the meditation using a headset like an old-fashioned telephone operator while the women at home simply open the app at 7am and sit for the 21 minute meditation. Each session is up and available for 24 hours so that any time zone can join us. Response has been huge.


Do you use or support the use of other meditation apps or virtual teachings?

I think meditation apps are like leftover food: if theres nothing else on hand, by all means eat it. But if there is fresh, live food, why would you? This may offend many but its truly what I think. (EDITOR: you likely don't want to put this following sentence in but...: Its like using a vibrator when Tom Hardy is standing there, waiting and willing.)

How do you incorporate Arjuna products or philosophy into your daily life? 

 Arjuna products are a big part of my life. Color me crazy but I actually feel all those harmful invisible rays of death. Maybe meditation makes you more sensitive and so more aware of them? Regardless, Mikaela's genius has me running up a big credit card bill. I try to wear as much as I can, especially when in urban ares. 

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

If I had a superpower, it would be to have the whole world's heart open at the same time and stay open. Imagine how wonderful our world would be!